National Skills Registry / NSR Context


Indian IT & ITeS / BPO industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing and employment generating industry in the Indian economy. The industry thrives on the confidence it enjoys among the clients across the globe for the quality and competitiveness of its work. NASSCOM is continuously introspecting to find out the areas in which the Indian industry and governance structures and practices need to be improved to keep its global clients satisfied and increase the non-economic competitive barriers and keep India's lead. Towards this end NASSCOM has taken up several initiatives including

  • It has conducted research to identify gaps in the legal structure between India and other major client countries.
  • It identified the gaps and established among the client countries that gaps are insignificant and also made recommendations to our government wherever amendments were required.
  • It has helped Police system in India to build capacity to monitor cyber safety by educating the police personnel.
  • It has created education and awareness of best security practices among member companies, their employees, law makers.

NASSCOM is working on several such initiatives which work to enhance confidence and competitiveness of Indian IT Industry. One of the major concerns that global clients at present have and that affects their outsourcing decisions is near absence of any information system in India and with the Industry about its workforce. There is no credible information system available on which information about industry employees who work on client projects, database and systems can be referenced. Such credible information system is crucial for referencing information about any person before assigning work. This also leads to a concern that the personal and private information of client's and foreign citizens is being handled by persons employed by Indian industry and that industry does not know them well. As the country does not have a central and public database of its citizens it is difficult to collect and verify information about the credentials of any employee. The Indian industry has met this concern partly by adopting security practice of engaging third party entities to conduct background check on persons selected to be employed in the industry. However, this practice is limited to companies who use it, to the candidates for whom it is used and the extent of details which are verified. There is no standard practice used for background checks and information history and reference data is not developed over the career cycle of an employee so that with each change in employment all his/her information needs to be collected and verified again.

National Skills Registry (NSR)

NASSCOM aims to promote the interests of the industry by projecting India as the preferred off-shoring destination. Under its ambit of "Trusted Sourcing", NASSCOM has taken up the Industry initiative of developing a national database of registered and verified workforce for its member companies as "National Skills Registry (NSR)". NSR seeks to develop a life-time permanent profile for each person working in the industry. Such profiles will be uniquely identified based on bio-metric and will hold credible data about each industry employee including results of background check conducted by a professional third party on the information of such person. NSR is a web-based system hosting a fact sheet of information about existing and prospective employees of Indian IT & ITeS / BPO industry. This can be used by the IT & ITeS / BPO industry and its clients as a credible source of information about the registered professionals. This information resource and industry standard will be extremely useful to the industry, its clients and registered professionals.