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Our NSR help desk numbers are 91 - 022 - 49142576 / 91 - 022 . 49142577. You can write us the email on nsr[at]nsdl[dot]co[dot]in for your NSR queries.


National Skills Registry (NSR) is an initiative taken by NASSCOM. NASSCOM is the trade association of all the IT / ITeS / BPO companies in India. NASSCOM wants to promote the interests of IT & ITeS industry and help it grow. NASSCOM has taken up a significant initiative called "Trusted Sourcing". This initiative aims to develop and project the industry as a Safe and Trusted destination for sourcing, development, outsourcing and process work so that overseas clients develop confidence with the safety of our industry and assign more work.

One of the important attributes of the Trust and Safety environment is robust and credible information about industry employees. This is not available today, every company needs to collect information about employees, use its practices to get such information verified and than present to clients. This process is both costly and inefficient and also does not reflect upon trust environment in good light.

NASSCOM, at the request of its member companies, has taken up the initiative to develop a robust information infrastructure about all present and prospective employees of the industry called "National Skills Registry (NSR)". NSR facilitates development of Fact Sheet of Credible, Permanent and Accessible information about each registered person. This information can be accessed and used by the industry and its clients with the authorization of such registered person.

Any individual either employed / unemployed / student can get themselves registered on the NSR system and also get their profiles background checked

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The registration is divided into two steps.

Create NSR profile

Register your profile using the link “Register for NSR” on home page. The site will guide you with the registration process, Following are important

  1. Read and understand the terms and conditions for registration and usage of the database.
  2. Declare the details of the company that has requested you to register
  3. Ensure to enter only correct and accurate information, if you do not have any information readily available it can be entered later.
  4. Please enter your name in NSR Profile as mentioned in your valid Photo Identity Proof
  5. Memorise your passwords for accessing your profile later.
  6. Website registration is complete only after selecting the mode of payment and generating Acknowledgement Form.

Once the form is fully filled up, you may make the payment using your credit card on the "payment gateway". Alternatively, you may opt to pay through cash / DD while submitted bio-metrics. NSR Website will generate an Acknowledgement Form for you. You need to take a print out of this form which will contain acknowledgement number, space for your photograph, signature.

Biometric Registration with Point of Service (POS)

As NSR registration is supported by bio-metrics to ensure uniqueness of profiles, NSR has appointed centers called as POS to collect bio-metrics and conduct identity check. List of all the POS centers is available on the NSR site at or POS desk may be made available in your office for a limited period, check with your company HR team. You need to approach POS along with following

  1. Acknowledgement Form generated from NSR website
  2. You need to take print-out of this form to the POS along with ORIGINAL proof of Photo Identity
  3. Name on the NSR acknowledgement form must completely match with the name on the original photo identity proof
  4. Photo proof of Identity (can be any of Driving license, Passport, Voters ID card, PAN Card, Bank Passbook with photo, college ID card (not more than 4 year old), Employer ID card)
  5. Employer ID card (if already employed)

Total fee payable at the time of registration includes Registration fee of Rs. 300, Annual Usage Fee of Rs. 100 for the year of registration and applicable taxes.

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POS is a service provider appointed by NDML for facilitating the ITP to submit its finger-prints, photograph and signature and to collect registration form and fees (if not paid online), so that NSR registration process for you can be completed.

You may click on the link provided below for POS contact details

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You must have received emails from NSR (on your registered email ID) upon generation of your ITPIN as well as newsletters, usage fee payment emails check for those emails. OR
ITPIN is also available on your NSR card. OR
Please click on You may then click on "Forgot ITPIN" option and enter your Acknowledgment number (issued by NSR system on web-registration) or TIN (issued to you by Point of Service on submission of finger-prints) OR If you don’t have these details also you may enter your mother's maiden name and your date of birth and click on submit. System will display your NSR Registration Number (ITPIN) - Take note of the same for future use.

Incase you have only generated an Acknowledgment number and have not yet visited POS to submit your bio-metrics you will need to visit POS and complete your registration after which your ITPIN will be generated

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The login ID of your choice was registered by you while registering your profile on NSR. If you do not recollect the login ID registered by you please follow the below mentioned steps

  • Click on
  • Click 'Forgot Login ID' link
  • You will then be required to enter your ITPIN and Date of Birth and click submit
  • If the details entered by you match with those registered with NSR, an email containing your Login ID will be sent to you on the email ID registered with NSR.
  • Incase you don't remember the email ID registered by you or do not have access to that, you may enter an alternate email ID and provide your Mother's maiden name as a validation. If the details match with those registered with NSR, a email will be sent to you on the alternate email ID as well.

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In NSR system clear text passwords are not stored and hence it is not possible to send you the password as recorded by you earlier, therefore the system facilitates you to set-up a new password for your use.

Click on . Click on "Forgot Password" link and provide your ITPIN and Log-in ID information and click on submit button. If this is correct, the system will display the next page which will offer you two methods for creating a new password for you

Reset password based on answering the hint question

While registering your profile you had informed to the system about a common question that can be asked and to which you can answer such as your favorite player name etc. This question will be shown to you for answering. If your answer matches your previously recorded answer system will allow you to set-up a new password for your profile.

Reset password based on email ID validation

In case you are not able to answer the hint question also you can use this method. Using this method you can reset your log-in password or transaction password and also your preferred question/answer for resetting the passwords. You can select the password type (Log-in or Transaction) to be changed, enter a new password of your choice, select a new password hint question / answer and submit the same. The new password will be registered but will become active only after you complete the following process.

An email containing a number "Password Change Request" (PCR) will be sent to your email id registered with NSR. After receiving the PCR number, visit NSR site and submit your ITPIN, PCR number and new password in the module named "Reactivation of password" (available in forgot password link at On submitting these details your new password will become active and you can access your profile using the new password.

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In case your present employer company is not available in the list please write to nsr[at]nsdl[dot]co[dot]in with the details of such company's complete and correct name and website (if any). We will update the list and inform you.

In case the company to be added is one of your previous employer companies you can add the same yourself and complete your registration. Please enter first few characters of the company name in the search option for list of employer companies. All companies meeting the search criteria will be displayed and at the end of the search results there will be an additional option "NOT IN THE LIST" option. If your company is not available in the search results you can click on this option and this will enable you to enter the company name.

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You can pay Annual Usage Fee (AUF) by logging in to your profile and selecting the option "Renewal Registration". You can select the mode of payment as online payment i.e. using Credit card / Citibank account or by generating the bill and paying the same to POS. Currently the renewal fees is Rs 100 p.a. plus applicable Taxes.

If you so like you can pay the fee in advance for desired number of years so that you don't have to pay this every year.

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We are sending NSR cards using services of Department of Posts so that cards can be delivered at all locations throughout the country. Printing, dispatch and delivery of the cards may generally take 30-45 days time after generation of your ITPIN. If it is delayed beyond 45 days, please write to us at nsr[at]nsdl[dot]co[dot]in mentioning your ITPIN.

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Your NSR profile is life-time permanent profile and there is no need to register a new ITPIN. If there is any change in your qualifications, employment or address same can be updated to existing NSR profile. You may regenerate the eCard by accessing its profile and selecting "Request for >> Generate NSR eCard " option.

Q: you have made an online payment for the registration fee. However, due to some reason you are not transferred back on NSR site after payment completion. How to find the status of online payment?

Ans: You can access your profile by using "Complete your Registration" option on NSR website and entering your "Acknowledgement Number" issued by NSR system and Log-in password set-up by you. You can generate your NSR Acknowledgement Form. The payment mode is mentioned on the form.
If the site is prompting you to select the payment mode or if form is generated but "Online payment" is not mentioned on the form, the payment status needs to be checked. Please write a mail to nsr[at]nsdl[dot]co[dot]in mentioning your Acknowledgement No. and proceed as per advice.

Q: You have made an online payment for the AMC. However, due to some reason you are not transferred back on NSR site after payment completion. How to find the status of online payment?

Ans: You can access your profile by using " Access your Profile" option on NSR website and entering your "ITPIN, Login ID & Password" issued by NSR system. You can able to view extended validity date of your NSR profile.
For online payment please use only Internet Explorer browser to access NSR and make payment of annual fee. if your profile is not immediately activated, please wait for 24 hours for your profile to be updated with the renewed validity period.
Kindly do not make multiple online payment transactions. If your account validity is not updated even after 24 hours of online payment, please write to nsr[at]nsdl[dot]co[dot]in